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A fit and healthy body; the best fashion statement for women

For many years now, wellness sensitisation has been on the increase by NGOs, government agencies, international organisations and many others. However, perhaps cultural or religious beliefs sometimes hinder many women from paying attention to self-care which is her capital.  There is nothing anyone can transact for the long term without capital. Otherwise, such a  transaction will be a short term investment which can wind up at any time.


Every Homemaker needs health which is her capital to do the things that God has endowed her with. She needs the capital to multitask at home, office, family, etc especially in a country where she has to work, pay her tax and at the same time provide for her needs.

She needs the capital in Africa especially in Nigeria where many Homemakers do most of the runnings to care for the children, and at the same time care and satisfy the husband in order to be a responsible and good woman.  Unfortunately, many Homemakers prefer to invest in things that should come as an added value to the capital. It is when your capital- health is sound that those things become relevant. It is you that gives value to those things and if there is no sound health, the jewellery, clothing, shoes etc, have no value.

Ensuring that the children get the best in life is good, but not at the expense of your health.  It is when you are there for them, healthy, that you can be of benefit to them. If you don’t take care of your health and you fall ill, you will soon be a burden to them.

Nurturing yourself is not selfish – it’s essential to your well-being as well as the families.

The video that went viral last week about a woman full of life dancing at a function who suddenly collapsed and lost her life is food for thought for everyone. No matter how minute the sign you feel in your body, don’t joke with it. Leave every other thing to care for yourself. If you are not there, things will still run smoothly.

Tiredness according to information available to Homemakers leads to fainting which is called blackout. It is said to be common when a woman is 40 and above. Please, women should not joke with this.

Fainting is said to be a temporary loss of consciousness that happens when the brain does not receive enough oxygen. It comes on suddenly, only lasts for a short time and you recover fully within a short period.

What to do if you suddenly feel tired: 

  • Lie down flat with your legs up on a chair or against a wall. Or, sit down on the ground with your head between your knees. Please do not just sit on a chair.
  • Squatting down on the heels can be very effective too and it is less noticeable in public.
  • When you feel better, get up carefully.

If symptoms return, resume the position until help comes your way.

Should you faint again,  see your doctor immediately.

Remember, health is wealth and it’s your capital.

Hillary Clinton said, “You have just one life to live. It is yours. Own it, claim it, live it, do the best you can with it.”


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