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Cash FX Group

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CashFx group is an MLM company which is into Forex and Crypto trading that gives you the opportunity to earn money with the promised ROI and the referral commissions that you can earn from. The company has an investment opportunity with financial trading education levels that reflect the cost per level that a person joins at.

This company is run by Huascar Lopez. A company registered in Panama. RBS Tower – Ave. Balboa, Ramón H. Jurado St, 9th floor, Punta Paitilla, Panama. They trade on the Forex market which is worth 5.3 Trillion USD per day. They use a software called Expert Advisors, running algorithms that analyze different types of scenarios in the currency markets. Trading can be followed using their WebTV tool at the back-office. Trading Monday – Friday

The daily percentage payout is about 2.4%. The maximum that each member can make is 15% of your investment weekly. However, if 15% is paid in one day, remaining 4 days are zero.

Profits are made during business days only, 5 days a week, Monday to Friday. This is because Forex trading are done from Monday to Friday. Monday profit is seen on Tuesday, Tuesday profit is seen on Wednesday, Wednesday profit is seen on Thursday, Thursday profit is seen on Friday, Friday profit is seen on Saturday. Then on Saturday, the total profit made during the week is made available for you to withdrawn in your back office.

Investment term continues until you have doubled your investment by profit made. In other words, the moment you double your initial investment, the contract package you purchased expires and you can then buy another fresh package to continue making profit. Whenever you purchased a contract package it takes a period of 3 to about 5 months to get 2 times of your investment and then your contract will expire.

Minimum investment is 300$. Note that 30% of this goes to education and commissions. The other 70% is allocated for trading for you.

For more details about registration, join our Cashfx whatsapp group here=>

Profit Illustration

You invest 1,000$ of Bitcoin for about 167 calendar days or until it reaches 2x
You receive 2,000 gross profit, but after withdrawal fee of 20% you receive 1,600$. So net profit over 167 days is 600$
You can additionally earn 2x by Team building where an additional 1,600$ is possible. So, 600$ in passive returns and 1,600$ team building = 2,200$ in net profit.

Profit Record From April

For more details about registration, join our Cashfx whatsapp group here=>


Cash Forex Group – Sign up & Deposit

Cash Forex Group – Sign up & Deposit

This tutorial will guide you through the sign up process. Start by clicking on the sign up button below. It will open in an new tab. Then come back to this page and follow the instructions step by step.After clicking the “Click here to sign up” button, you will see…


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